More control. Less hassle. Without risk

As an IT Manager, I want tested solutions to protect business communications and eliminate useless cost and hassle. SophiMail gives me peace of mind; I can focus on core business.


Agility and broad perspectives

For a business owner, agility is the name of the game. SophiMail is the manageable solution that increases my company’s agility, mitigates my risks and opens up new business perspectives.


Get my work done fast & easy.
Chat and share. Anywhere

I want a really fast email, even for large attachments. No mail loss. I want to chat, share folders, calendars and tasks, anywhere, anytime.


Reduce cost and risk. Free to go

As the CFO, I demand measurable solutions that effectively reduce costs. With SophiMail I stopped spending for costly HW, upgrades and sudden damages. Instead, I have planned, small payments and I am free to go anytime I want.


Premium Business Email
engineered for maximum Uptime, Privacy and Business Continuity 

On Premise  |  On Cloud   |   Hybrid
No single solution is perfect for all. Our experts will find the most cost-effective solution for your corporate email, deploying your server on cloud, on premise or hybrid, for maximum Uptime, Privacy and Business Continuity. Enjoy the safety of your Daily Backup on premise. Control multiple domains through one powerful Admin Dashboard. We support you all the way.

on cloud
on premise

Minimal requirements
Easy migration
Zero maintenance

Reduce OPEX
Pay as you grow
Leverage BYOD

Swiss Privacy
Dedicated IP
Private SSL Certificates

Faster, more, better
Chat & share
Anywhere, any device

DC Replication
Daily backups

Matter of principal
Experts answer your calls

Why SophiMail?

For it solves the most critical: Business Continuity, Data Privacy, Cost Efficiency, Availability, Easy IT Control.

What is unique?

– DAILY BACKUP FOR YOU: we deliver a serverside copy of your email data on a location you trust, on premise or on cloud.

– 100% UPTIME GUARANTEED: dual active servers ensure continuous 100% Availability and Cost efficiency.

– DATA PRIVACY made affordable: we built your own VM on a cloud you trust, ensuring the highest levels of Data Privacy.

– ON PREMISE: experience unparalleled Stability and Cost efficiency that only a sophisticated, lightweight engine can deliver.

– LOG ANALYTICS: a role-based Dashboard enables control of multiple locations/domains from one screen

– INDEPENDENCE: we ensure in every possible way that you are always “Free to go”, yet “Happy to stay”

We are making use of SophiMail services since June 2014 and we have seen great value on our partnership, with excellent support and functionality. These guys deliver!

Mr. John Vavourakis, CEO at Creative Systems Engineering Ltd

From any device, from everywhere, your email feels like you are in your office. True Mobility - True Flexibility

Mr. Harry Fatseas, IT Manager at Dimiourgia S.A.

Email is critical for us. We moved all of our email history to Cloud, on our own dedicated Server. It runs without any problem until today. Migration was flawless.

Captain Ioannis Dendrinos, CEO at Marine Managers Ltd

Proven stability. Delivers all its promises. I recommend it to my clients.

Mr. P. Dimitrakopoulos, CEO at PCLABS
SophiMail for max Agility and Freedom for your company

Minimal requirements
SophiMail is lightweight by design, thus you will enjoy low power and low resources consumption, both on Cloud and on Premise. It is actually lighter than most of its competitors, especially the proprietary ones. For instance, you can start SophiMail with just 1 CPU and 2 GB RAM for up to 120 users and scale up according to your needs.

Easy migration
We will plan, configure and deploy with expertise, so that we deliver to you a complete “turn-key” solution.

Zero maintenance
On cloud, it’s all taken care of by us, behind the scenes. On premise, the effort required by your side is so low, that you will almost forget you have a mail server. In addition to our scheduled upgrades and add-ons, you may rest assured that your email is continuously upgraded by large, established communities of passionate professionals.

Log Analytics
Manage multiple domains across the globe, on cloud or on premise, via one single screen, thanks to the new, powerful, role-based Dashboard. Unique features include Log Analytics too! Watch the video and Visit Demo!

SophiMail cost efficiency

Reduce OPEX
Cloud is cost-saving by nature. By choosing SophiMail on Cloud, you already take the first -but giant- step towards cutting down unnecessary OPEX, without sacrificing security, stability or quality. Actually, what happens is exactly the opposite: by moving your mail server on cloud, i.e. in any of the certified Datacenters, where we host, you automatically enjoy the utmost of computing power, security and state-of-the-art equipment, without paying for acquisition or maintenance! All you pay is a small, fixed subscription and you are free to go anytime you want, unlike the costly on premise installations. On top of that, you can still safekeep your data on your premises, since we offer you a daily backup!

Free up resources
SophiMail is very cost-efficient, as it is lightweight by design: it requires minimal resources for installation and zero maintenance. Hence, either you host on cloud or on premise, you immediately free up your resources, name it man-hours, computing power or budget.

Leverage BYOD
Device and platform independent, SophiMail contributes to further cost reduction, leveraging BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). There is no need for training, since the users connect through their favorite UI. What’s more important: BYOD is acknowledged for rising productivity, as it allows you to take full advantage of mobility and offer your users the freedom to choose their favorite device and UI. SophiMail supports equally fast and securely all desktop and mobile devices: PC, MAC, tablet, iOS, Android, Windows phone, BlackBerry.

SophiMail Data Privacy options on Swiss cloud

The benefits of Cloud are huge to ignore, even if you are skeptical about security. For this reason, we take every precaution to make sure that your email data is safe, either on cloud or during transmission. In addition, we offer you many options and custom privacy solutions, so that you can regulate the exact levels of security and isolation you want.

Private Cloud
Isolate on your own Private Cloud, where your data is protected both during storage (file-system storage encryption), as well as during transfer between the Datacenter and your devices, mobile and desktop (end-to-end encryption). We can host your email on our Cloud infrastructure, on a dedicated VM Server for you, with 250GB email storage partition + 250GB for vaulting + 2 GB RAM + 2 cores (see prices, Private Cloud). Or, we can built for you, your own VM or physical email server on cloud; in any Datacenter you trust the most around the globe. Either way, we offer you a Daily Backup copy, on premise or on any trusted location you indicate, facilitating your Archiving and e-Discovery policies and more important, ensuring your Business Continuity.
Regardless of the DC or the pricing plan you will finally opt for, SophiMail allows you select your own SSL Certificates, in order to comply with your company’s specific security standards: as austere as you wish, at a price that you can afford.

DMARC authentication is a tremendous improvement in the fight against spoofing, spamming and phishing. It helps enhance your business domain reputation, protecting email users and brands from costly abuse, as they can more clearly distinguish legitimate from illegitimate messages. SPF and DKIM authentication along with 256-bit encryption make sure that all of your messages are safe and encrypted, end to end.

Built-in Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) blocks automatically any malicious external attack, or attempt to reach your users’ accounts. The attacker’s IP address is automatically recorded and the appropriate department is informed.

However, in case you require specific protection, we are here to help you find the best. Contact us

SophiMail is faster and cares about user comfort

Fast by design
Speed is in the making of SophiMail: lean architecture in the core engine and cautious selection of Datacenters, ensure fast connection.

Hybrid Speed
In fact, we took the ‘extra mile’ to offer you even faster connection, in case you have a slow DSL: we developed ‘Hybrid Speed’. This is an appliance that improves the utilization of your INTERNET bandwidth and eliminates the delay owing to poor connection. Enjoy all the benefits of cloud, along with the high speed of in-premise!

IMAP folder sharing
Share your email folders in a set structure (folder tree) as you desire. You set the structure once and then all inbound emails are automatically distributed and saved in the structure you have set. You can change the structure anytime. It allows you to share specific folders with specific users within your domain. You set permission for certain actions to each user (read, delete, etc). Sometimes, you may want to share only specific mail folders and not the whole of your inbox! IMAP folder sharing also helps you control your quota. It’s easy to manage, via your webmail Client, using a complete access list structure (ACL).

Large Attachments
With as much as 50MB email size per message, even the extra-large attachments are not a problem anymore.

Safe Chat and Share
Calendars, contacts and tasks: SophiMail is a fully-featured collaboration platform, standing out from the competition, as it offers you the full pack, including corporate Chat and Char rooms.

Always sync. Anywhere, any device
SophiMail is device responsive and synchronizes perfectly with all desktop, tablets and mobile devices: PC, MAC, iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod), Android, Windows Phones and BlackBerry.

Sync with Outlook, Apple Mail or any other UI
SophiMail cooperates with MS Outlook, or any other client you are familiar with on your desktop computer. It brings your cloud-hosted calendar to your favorite UI, with your contacts and tasks. All the changes you make in your Outlook or your SophiMail webmail client are synchronized in real-time.

SophiMail enhances Busienss Continuity

DC Replication
Your email data on cloud are always sync and replicated. DC replication is provided on two Datacenters, located in different geographic locations. Thus, in the very rare occasion of total physical destruction of one DC, your data and services will be up and running from the other available DC.

High Availability
On cloud, SophiMail offers highly efficient, low latency infrastructure based on HP and HYBRID architecture. Dual active servers on cloud ensure at least 9.95% AVAILABILITY. Our collaborating Datacenters are located today in Europe (Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Zurich) and the US (Miami, Washington DC). If you prefer on premise, we can built your servers in cluster mode (active-passive) to ensure high availability. In addition, we can improve your HW management as we are experts in virtualization.

However, there is a third deployment option, which guarantees 100% Uptime: it is Hybrid, based on two email servers in active – active mode. More information here

Additional Daily back-up for you
Automated daily back-up of your email data and history (every 24 hours) is safe-kept by us on cloud. In addition, we also offer you the option to get your own (extra) daily backup on a location you indicate, on cloud or on premise (NAS), to enhance your Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery or Archiving policies. In particular for Archiving, we strongly recommend that you use a non-re-writable and tamper-proof medium, such as the Blue-Ray Disc. To ensure true Data portability, your daily backup is delivered to you in Maildir format, which is structured, machine-readable and inter-operable, exactly as GDPR requires. With daily backup on your premises, you have absolutely no reason to fear the cloud!

Personalized Anti-Spam
Well-balanced Bayesian learning anti-spam filters for you only the real spam. Never miss an important email again!

SophiMail Specialization and Avid Support

Matter of principal
We take our job seriously and we respect your trust. Hence, we cannot allow anything less than perfect in what we deliver and we will not rest until the least issue is resolved. Moreover, we love attention to detail and we live to cope with changes, because this is the only way to develop and thrive. Along with you.

Development Experts
We appoint people from our development and experienced technical personnel to attend to your Technical Support calls. This way, we ensure that you get the best of attention, professional zeal, speed and accuracy, starting from thorough understanding of the problem, up to the immaculate deployment of the solution.

Avid forever
No matter how large we become, we value every single Client as our first one. Actually, we value your overall satisfaction, because we want you to stay avid and grow with us. Like you, we invest in business relationships that work well for both. And last for long.