What our Clients say “About us” matters the most. But since you are here, we proudly present the team who develops, supports, and envisions the future of SophiMail and its community.

… specializing in messaging, virtualization and security solutions, addressing small to medium-sized companies. Since 2014, we combined our expertise and passion in developing SophiMail, aiming at offering you a light and robust messaging solution, which can be further customized to exactly fit your future needs.

SophiMail is powered by the world’s most reliable and popular open source projects (FOSS). Indexing capabilities and more exciting projects are in our road-map. We are also proud contributors of an incredibly powerful email admin Dashboard: https://github.com/sophimail/webadmin . We want to help you take advantage of the innovation coming out of the open source communities.

… ourselves in responsible practices regarding data management, privacy and security. We cooperate only with quality Datacenters, who comply with the latest global security standards. Your concern is our concern: name it Security, Support or Sustainability.

… us is your total satisfaction with SophiMail, including the solutions and the support we render.

… in honesty, integrity and after-life.

… is to help our Clients succeed in their small or big endeavors, by improving collaboration in their everyday work life.


AVERWAY is a communication technology company specialized on business and corporate messaging. The main priority of the company is to bring innovation in the wide field of business communication by associating new features and techniques with existing business needs.

Towards that goal, the company launched SophiMail in the market, a robust yet lightweight integration of the worlds most popular and reliable FOSS. We named our solution “SophiMail”, inspired by the words “sophisticated” and “Sophia”, meaning “wisdom”.

We also developed a powerful and beautiful email administration environment, SophiMail Dashboard, as an alternative to PostfixAdmin, which we proudly contributed to the community: https://github.com/sophimail/webadmin

is a registered Trademark of Averway Ltd.

Our company also provides customers with proven solutions in Business Intelligence, R- programming, Business Process Modeling & Re-engineering and Application Development.

AVERWAY continues building professional services focusing on bringing innovation to existing business needs. We are moving R&D initiatives from the lab into the corporate landscape.