SophiMail offers a variety of Services, in form of annual Support Plans as well as professional Advanced Services.


Support Plans

Support Plans aim at supporting your technical personnel.
Select the Plan that best fits your needs, or contact us to design your Custom Support Plan (SLA).

SophiMail Support Plans



Descriptions and Definitions

Self-service: you will find plenty of step-by-step guidance at, for example: how to set up SophiMail on mobile devices.

Access to Repositories: Packages in Repositories are compiled and ready to install on your systems. You will be responsible for the regularity of your maintenance plan, which is critical for your system’s security levels and health. One access will be granted per valid static IP.

Infrastructure Consulting: SophiMail experts provide professional consultation upon request, regarding the best fitting installation and deployment method. For example, we could help you select a Datacenter for hosting your email, explain the benefits of hybrid deployment for you, or help you decide between a physical or a virtual server to meet your needs, etc.

Real Time Monitoring & Alerts: We grand you access to real-time graphs and alerts, enabling you to monitor your server’s health. For example, you can monitor live the CPU and memory usage,  storage allocation, network activity, mail-queue utilization, etc. and detect unusual activity. In case of server outage, you will receive push notification (Alerts) on your mobile plus email. Arrange the alert settings according to your preferences.

Discount of 15% on Advanced Services: Gold and Platinum Customers are entitled to 15% discount on Advanced Services, listed further below.

Annual Checkup: We provide one annual System Checkup and tuning recommendations to Platinum Customers. System Checkup is also available to all Customers upon request, under the Advanced Services.

Ticket means a written Service Request submitted by you via SophiMail Ticketing System; it may be forwarded to authorized sub-contractors for processing.

Trial is the fully-functional SophiMail edition with limited storage (4GiB), provided free of charge, strictly for evaluation or self-training purposes. Trial edition should not run in production.

Service Level Objectives (SLOs)

According to the international SLA standards, Service Level Objectives (SLOs) are set to specify the support responsiveness and they are divided in (i) initial response time targets and (ii) resolution time targets. Responsiveness varies depending on the severity level of each incident: the highest the severity, the shortest the response time.

Response time objectives: refer to the response time target to a Service Request of yours – in other words, it is the maximum time interval between your initial request, arriving to us via Ticketing and the time of the first Response to you by SophiMail Team. Auto-responses generated by the Ticketing system do not count as response time.

“Response” time target differs from “Resolution” time target. Resolution may require significantly more time than the objective agreed for Response, due to the complexity of technical problems.

Resolution time objectives: For Severity-1 or Severity-2 issues only, caused by SophiMail product or service, SophiMail maintains objectives on providing a Resolution and/or Workaround. For Severity-1 issues, maximum Resolution or Workaround time target is four (4) hours after the Initial Response Time. For Severity-2 issues, maximum Resolution or Workaround time target is one (1) Business Day after the Initial Response Time. To meet these targets SophiMail uses commercially reasonable efforts. The capability of meeting these targets may be subject to causes beyond our control, such as third-party products, hardware or services and/or availability of customer resources or personnel to work on such issues.

Custom SLA: Custom SLA means your specific Support Plan that may be designed upon your request, to meet your own SLA standards.


  • Technical Support means the 2nd Level Support Services rendered to your designated Administrator or other technical personnel. It is not 1st level support.
  • Business Hours means Mon-Fri 9am-5pm EEST, excluding public holidays.
  • Business Day means approximately one 24-hour period during standard daytime working hours, Mon-Fri in the EMEA region, excluding public holidays.
  • Αdvanced Services mean the additional services listed below that are available upon request.
  • Service Request means any written request submitted by you via SophiMail Ticketing System.


Advanced Services

Feel free to select one or more advanced services, regardless of whether you joined a Support Plan or not. GET A QUOTE


Description of Advanced Services

Fully-featured Email server installation: we provide the remote installation and configuration of your email server and the web components, on a location that you indicate (either on cloud or on premises). Included are: Email Engine, Calendars, Contacts, Webmail and Dashboard. We also grand you access to the Real Time Monitoring & Alerts, so that you can easily monitor eventual outages of your machine. You may select one of the following deployment methods: (i) Standard: 1-node on your premises or on a Datacenter you indicates, on physical or virtual server; (ii) Cluster: 2-nodes on your premises, in active-passive mode; (iii) Hybrid: 2-nodes in active-active mode and replicated in real time, wherever you indicate; different locations are recommended for 100% Uptime and DR.

Regular Maintenance: it covers both Email server engine and Dashboard. Regular Maintenance is critical for your system security levels and health. It includes: (i) regular updates, security and bug fixing and is executed at least once every 60 days outside business hours and with a 3-days prior written notification to you, (ii) contingent security updates, when considered time-critical, such as for zero-day vulnerabilities, also following a written notification to you and (iii) the re-installation of the SSL Certificate on your email server upon renewal. However, the duly renewal (annual re-purchase) of the SSL Certificate shall be taken care of by you. Regular Maintenance is provided by experienced technical personnel, transparently behind the scene, covering a 12-month Service Period. You may rest assured that your email server and dashboard will be always updated and well maintained during the Service Period. Ordering this service requires that you have purchased the relevant Installation Service with the latest SophiMail release.

Managed cloud email: experienced professionals will constantly monitor your server logs and take action in cases of resources-flat-out, server inactivity or other unusual activity, such as Spam activity or Security Breaches.

10 and 40 Tickets pack: For your convenience, Tickets are offered in packages of 10 or 40. You may order more than once in a year. The SLOs of Gold Plan apply.

System Check up: we evaluate your system health and deliver to you a report covering (i) service security, (ii) service optimization, (iii) basic system security and (iv) the necessary system optimization.

Advanced technical support: we work on your behalf regarding your infrastructure, for example, to communicate with your hosting provider, plan an array expansion, resolve DNS issues, etc.

Help Desk – Business Hours: Phone support Mo-Fri 9:00 -18:00 EET, provided by technical personnel. It may include 1st level support (for End User issues, i.e issues not affecting the whole company). A Ticket will eventually be opened in case it proves to be 2nd level support, for the purpose of follow up, but will not be charged, since you already paid for Help Desk.

Help Desk 24×7: Same as above only provided on a 24 x 7 x 365 basis.

SIEM (Security Information and Event Management): We provide a rich variety of advanced security services to help you ensure maximum security of your systems. Indicatively, you may request one or more of the following services combined: 24×7 Monitoring and Alerting, Security Breach Response Action, Rood Cause Analysis, or even Fully Manged Services.

Root Cause Analysis: upon your request and for Severity-1 issues only, impacting server availability, we will work to provide formal root cause analysis. By nature, root cause analysis does not always result in a conclusive resolution. SophiMail will make reasonable efforts to work with you and third parties, as necessary to provide a response, to the extent possible.

Fully Managed Services: Let us discuss with you and design your Custom SLA.

Recommended Deployment

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