1. Try functionality

Download free VM and  TRY   as long as you wish.

Users will experience advanced functionality, such as selective folder sharing with access rights per User, very fast search, personal calendars and contacts kept separately from the corporate ones, personalized smart anti-spam and universal access via any device.

Admins will cherish the system stability, low consumption and unique functionality:  they can manage different locations management at a glance, the smooth graphs of SophiMail webadmin and the built-in monitoring and alerts.

Auto Daily Backup on a trusted location is a recommended add-on service after server installation, to ensure Data Portability and Business Continuity.

Once you are satisfied and you decide to use SophiMail as your production email,  next steps are:

2. Select hosting

Either on your premises or on a datacenter, minimum hosting requirements are 2 vCPU core, 4GB RAM and 1 static IP. You will also need  10GB SATA or SSD for your mail server to run; that’s all! Add as many GB SATA you need for your email storage. Remember: email storage is not demanding, thus, some low-cost storage as SATA is good enough. These savings will allows you to invest more for enhancing your security, for example by hosting on an ISO-27001-certified datacenter and/or by adding professional security services on top (SIEM).

 3. Deploy according to your requirements

Follow the instructions in our fee TUTORIAL, to install your mail server yourself, or let us install for you. All deployments are possible: on physical server or VM, on cloud, on your premises, or both. Each deployment offers unique advantages. We charge only 290€ one-off for standard installation plus 150€ one-off for your Auto Daily Backup:

Installation cost one off

Here you can find additional advice for maximum security: Learn more. Discuss these issues with your Cyber Security experts.

It’s done! Congratulations!

– – –

Select Support Plan (optional)

Start with the most cost-efficient plan, Silver, at 9€/month and upgrade later, upon demand. Silver offers you access to Repositories, Infrastructure consulting, Real-Time Monitoring & Alerts and 10 Tickets free. In case you need more services, you can order them anytime from our Advanced Services menu.

SophiMail Support Plans

See how much it will cost you, to host on a datacenter

Pricing varies significantly among different datacenters. Make your own choice according to your availability and security standards, taking your budget into account. For example, assuming that you need 100 GB for your email storage, cloud hosting starts from 14,16€/mo at Hetzner (CX30), in the heart of Europe. However, safer hosting on an ISO-27001-certified datacenter is recommended. See for instance CloudSigma Frankfurt below, for 43,19€/mo (there is a -10% discount for annual subscription).

Examples of cloud hosting cost

 In any case, there are many well-known datacenters at your disposal. You may start your search here.

Protect your data and your own piece of mind. You deserve it!

So far, you have saved enough. Invest in monitoring services to enhance your security,  for example apply:

 – 24x7x365 Monitor & Alerting (system health) for 19 €/month or

– 24x7x365 Monitor & Alerting (SIEM) for 39€/month.

More Advanced Services here: www.sophimail.com/services

Enjoy the privilege of your own private & secure Email, without paying a fortune!

Conclusion: You can get a fully featured Email & collaboration platform, installed on your private VM for 440€ one-off and then pay as little as 23,16 € per month (=9 for Silver Support +14,16 for economy hosting).

However, we recommend safer hosting, meaning an ISO-27001-certified datacenter, plus SIEM. This should cost you approx 90€/mo (=43,19€ for safer hosting on an ISO-certified DC  + 9€ for Silver Support + 39€ for 24x7x365 monitoring & alerting (SIEM) on your private email server.

The choice is yours!

We will be happy to explain what SophiMail can do for you:

contact us at (+357) 2200 8298 or at sales@sophimail.com


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