Role-based access control• As the super-admin, you can delegate tasks and define administrative rights to as many sub-admins as necessary.
• Decentralize your workload, while maintaining firm IT-control.
• Ideal for VARs and ISPs.
Thin provisioning at a glance• Quota thin provisioning per domain at a glance: watch real-time the correlation among NOMINAL quota granted by super-admin vs. the quota RESERVED by VARs and/or sub-admins vs. the ACTUAL quota in use.
• Also, advanced quota management per mailbox.
Multi-location management via one screen• Manage multiple email domains, located across the globe,
• on cloud, hybrid, or even on premise,
• through one single panel!
Log analytics• Email log analysis is easy to use (plugin is scheduled for Q1 2017)
• Live reports
• Enticing charts
• Powerful analysis tools
• Database driven
• Very fast (elasticsearch)
Easy for non IT• Easy to use, even for non IT professionals
Enticing environment• Designed for improved IT experience.
• Based on modern and stable frameworks: Bootstrap and CakePHP.
Replaces PosftixAdminSupports all PostfixAdmin installations, thus can easily replace it, for improved functionality and easier control.
Domain Admin• Two administration levels: You may define as many Master Admins and as many Domain Admins beneath them, as necessary
• Multiple domains and domain Aliases
• Cross-domain user search
• Per-domain mail quota
• Per-domain relay setting (Backup MX)
• Per-domain number of mail users
• Per-domain number of mail aliases
• Per-domain number of mail lists
• Catch-all address management
• Password complexity control
• View logs of sent/received mails
• View logs of per-user and per-domain sent/received mails
• Search accounts via display name or email
User Admin• Per-user mailbox quota limit
• Per-user relay setting
• Per-user mail forwarding control
• Alias account: add internal or external users as mail alias members
• Show real-time mailbox quota usage
Web-based controlsAccess via Web GUI.
System Alerting & Monitoring ToolSophiMail provides an Alerting & Monitoring Tool, that checks system health. Tool generates real-time reports for up-time and latency of the email service, and it notifies the administrators in case of system-down, via email, sms and feeds (push notifications).
Groupware Permission Management (On-Premise)Enable/Disable Groupware functionality at a system-wide or domain level and connect to your LDAP server.
UpdatingVersion checking, notification and system updates.
LDAP Contacts (On Premise)Populate the Global Contacts group from your LDAP server.
DisclaimerEditable disclaimer for outgoing email (server-side).
Branding (subject to agreement)• Logos
• Editable HTML templates for custom “Welcome mail”
• Editable footer for outgoing email.