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SophiMail private email server stands out from competition in the most critical factors: Privacy, Independence and Cost-efficiency. Ensures Data Portability, is SIEM-ready and helps you comply with the GDPR.

Privacy without trade-offs

Most competitors today admit they “use your data in exchange for productivity or security“… Yet, Privacy does not exist, once traded off for something else. SophiMail private email server ensures your privacy and security without trade-offs:

Physical isolation

Isolating on your private installation – either on premises or on cloud – gives you two huge benefits: (i) physical insulation against cyber-attacks, that so often aim at crowded multi-tenant environments, and (ii) exclusive control over your data. You are not obliged to trade off your privacy for more security, as you can have both at maximum. You don’t depend on a single vendor for all: hosting, security, continuity and breach monitoring.

No-one else can access your data

Apply full encryption, both during storage and during transfer. What makes the difference is, that only you control your encryption: with your own pass-phrase and a private SSL Certificate of your choice, as strict as your organization requires. With storage encryption, you ensure that no-one can access your data (not even the cloud engineers, if you host on cloud), unless you assign certain access rights to entrusted technical personnel, whom you can inspect. Such personnel will be appointed by you and report directly back to you. Moreover, thanks to SophiMail’s transparent code, you can inspect real-time (as well as post-review) any activity. Finally, you may apply one or more of the following tools, to ensure that your message is read only by the intended recipient and enhance your protection: 2FA, Digital Signature and Unique Code Verification.

Breaches happen all the time. Make sure you get notified

The GDPR obliges hosting providers (data processors) to notify you about security breaches only if Personal Data is affected. This means, that you don’t always get notified about data leaks, even if classified and valuable business data gets stolen! To make sure that you will be notified about all security breaches and stop them, you must assign monitoring or advanced SIEM services directly to your trusted Cyber Security Professionals. They will report directly to you. Rest assured that they will report any suspicious activity or security breach to you, as there is no conflict of interest. Most important, they can take action to stop a breach attempt before it affects your data.

Know where your data is

“Distributed mailboxes” is a very popular technique, mainly among SaaS email providers, which helps them achieve better load balancing.  With them, your data is distributed and constantly moved around in different datacenters.

With SophiMail private email hosting, you have your data in one private place that you know; you select it, because you trust it. You know which law applies to protect your data. You are free to select the best fit for you: on your premises, behind your firewall, or on cloud. If you opt for cloud hosting, an ISO-27001-certified data center in your region can ensure both low latency, along with the highest standards of security.

With SophiMail, you also know where you data is backed up (see next point).

Own your Backup and Archives

Every day, your own Safety Backup is server-side delivered on a location you trust. Upon completion of the process, a digest email report is sent to the admin. Moreover, your safety copy is in a structured, machine-readable and compatible format, as required by the GDPR (Art.20), ensuring true Data Portability and Independence. It is ideal for your private Archiving, in tamper-proof media (such as Blue-Ray Disks). Even e-Discovery is faster, thanks to SophiMails lean file-system architecture. Your safety copy is not compressed; it is 100% ready to recover, thus perfectly serving your Disaster Recovery Plans.

No 'tricky' privacy settings

There are no privacy settings in SophiMail, such as privacy “on-off” buttons, because their existence often generates human mistakes. Privacy settings increase your company’s exposure to risks, rather than doing any good. It’s your “business” email, after all! Unlike leading competitors, who have many and complicated privacy settings, with SophiMail you may rest assured that there will be no “privacy button” forgotten “activated” by a User somewhere in your company, setting “classified” business or “personal” data at risk.

True Independence

Independence means having all you need to change provider, at wish. Yet, most competitors just say you are “free” to download your data, but in reality they leave you on your own devices to perform this serious and so tedious task…

Data Portability

SophiMail ensures true Data Portability, through your own Safety Backup, delivered server-side, on a trusted location you indicate, in interoperable, machine-readable and structured format, as required by the GDPR (Art. 20). Data Portability is a “must” for every company – not only for personal data as required by the new GDPR – but also for business data, classified or not. Your business data is a valuable asset, associated with your company’s history and your business continuity.

Full Compatibility

SophiMail simply fits in your existing equipment. No peculiarities, no unclear migration paths, only minimal resource requirements. You are free to plan your future system upgrades. It works equally well on an old PC and the latest MAC. In addition, you don’t have to throw away your previous investments: SophiMail syncs with Active Directory and any email agent, from older to latest versions (Outlook, AppleMail, Thunderbird etc), any device, mobile or desktop.

Max Cost efficiency

Most competitors charge license fees per user, whereas you can enjoy equal – if not better – functionality, completely free of charge, for unlimited users! There is excellent software today, having passed the strictest Quality Assurance, comprising the backbone of the most demanding IT installations worldwide. It is not advertised. It is based on open protocols, is compatible and free of charge.

Zero acquisition cost

SophiMail provides enterprise-class software with awesome features, enhancing User productivity and rich IT controls, without license fees, for unlimited users and domains. It includes: email engine, shared calendars & contacts, shared folders with access rights per user, tree-structure filing, Sieve filters, Web-mail, single-screen control of multiple servers, through a powerful role-based Web-admin. Built in Anti-spam, IPS, Monitoring & Alerts. Grey listing, SPF/DKIM/DMARC. Syncs with Active Directory.

Low installation cost

A single node installation, on cloud or on premises may start for example from 440€. Scheduling your daily backup is also included. Again, for unlimited users and domains.

Low consumtiopn and maintenance cost

SophiMail is extremely light, yet proven stable and reliable: requires just 2 vCPU + 4 GB RAM for up to 150 users.  It is certainly lighter than most proprietary as well as some open-source alternatives (like Zimbra Open Source for example). SophiMail enables hosting on a VM, in your perfect privacy, either on cloud, or behind your firewalls. SophiMail offers the best value-for-money solution for companies of any size.

Easy download

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