SophiMail stands out in critical

SophiMail private email server performs better than mainstream competitors in the most critical issues: Privacy, Independence and Cost-efficiency. Find out how:

True Privacy

SophiMail is listed in IAPP 2017 Privacy Tech Vendors Report. Here is how SophiMail ensures your privacy and security:

SophiMail listed in IAPP 2017 Report1. Your Encryption. Encrypt your data both at storage and during transfer, with your own pass-phrase and private SSL Certificates. If you entrust someone else to encrypt for you, you can’t ensure privacy.

2. Exclusive Access. You have the full and exclusive access rights to your data. You can grand limited access rights to trusted technical personnel, for maintenance or upgrades. SophiMail’s code is transparent to you, enabling real-time inspection.

3. Breaches happen. Make sure you get notified, in-time to take action (GDPR Art. 33). SophiMail provides advanced monitoring tools, enabling you to self-monitor your servers. You also have the option to assign such monitoring, or advanced SIEM services, to your trusted Cyber Security Professionals, who report directly to you. This way, you avoid dependencies from hosting providers and 3rd parties you don’t know. You cannot rely on the GDPR, obligating your service or hosting provider to notify you about security breaches, because the GDPR protects only personal data. So, in case that only business data are affected by a breach, providers are not obliged to notify.

4. Private Safety Backup. This is the best way to ensure your Data Portability, as required by the GDPR (Article 20), as well as your Archiving, e-Discovery and DR policies.


What do competitors do about your privacy? They are still “…working to earn your trust every day…” . Apparently, they have not resolved your Privacy issues. In fact, data collection will continue, because it is absolutely necessary to serve the highly ambitious plans for dominance in AI (Artificial Intelligence). Competitors will simply trade off your privacy for convenience and vague promises, such as: “…we collect data to help you do more…” or “…providing you productivity services.”  SophiMail has no interest in collecting your data, has no tricky privacy settings and never trades-off your privacy, whereas you still enjoy top security, mobility and productivity.


True Independence

Independence from vendors requires full Compatibility and true Data Portability. Here is how SophiMail meets both conditions:

  • Compatibility. SophiMail fits in your existing equipment. It also allows you to plan your future upgrades. It works equally well on an old PC and the latest MAC. In addition, you don’t have to throw away your previous investments: SophiMail syncs with Active Directory, any email agent, newest or older versions (Outlook, AppleMail, Thunderbird etc), any device, mobile or desktop.
  • Data Portability (as per GDPR Art.20). SophiMail ensures true Data Portability, through your own Safety Backup copy, delivered to a location you trust, in interoperable, machine-readable and structured format. It means that you can transfer your data to another provider in a smooth and organized manner, without wasting time to download or convert.

True Data Portability is imperative for every company, not only for personal data (as required by the GDPR), but also for business data, classified or not. Your business data is your valuable asset, associated with your company’s history and your business continuity.


What do competitors do about your Independence? They declare you are “free” to go anytime, but you are literally left on your own devices. You will most probably need to purchase 3rd party tools to export your data, usually mailbox per mailbox. This process is neither safe, nor quick. In addition, proprietary code is not compatible. This means that you will need extra email converter tools to migrate to another email provider.


Unrivaled Cost Efficiency

Here is how SophiMail helps you achieve more for less:SophiMail makes private email affordable

  • Zero acquisition cost. Enterprise-class software with awesome productivity features and rich IT controls with NO license fees. In the next picture, you can see how rich the software is, for unlimited users and domains.
  • Low installation cost. See the example in the picture, for the cost of 1 single node installation, on cloud or on premises. Scheduling your Safety Backup is included. Again, for unlimited users and domains.
  • Low resource consumption. SophiMail is extremely light, yet proven stable and reliable: 2 vCPU + 4 GB RAM are enough for up to 150 users.

Please note that, SophiMail is so light that it enables hosting on a VM in perfect privacy, either on cloud or behind your firewalls. SophiMail is similar to but even lighter than Zimbra OSE and is recommended for companies of any size.



What do Competitors do regarding cost-efficiency: They charge you with license fees per user per month (with annual commitment) just to deliver the same – if not lower – functionality. Of course, they also offer free cloud storage. But “free” is found in abundance. Dozens of services shovel tons of free space to you, just for signing up. Free cloud storage does not ensure your privacy, because these companies want – and need – to see everything you upload, since they have invested – and now competing each other for dominance- in AI projects. This is why they offer a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) for Customers who insist in privacy.



Additional unique benefits of SophiMail:

Multi-sever control via single screen

SophiMail’s unique Dashboard enables control of multiple servers via a single screen. This feature is ideal for busy IT professionals, ISPs and VARS, who need to manage multiple servers on different locations, some of them on cloud and other on premises. Dashboard is Open-API ready for further development, such as Custom Reports, Email Log Analytics etc. See DEMO

Guaranteed 100% Availability

Hybrid deployment on dual active servers guarantees 100% Availability. It total, SophiMail is a compelling option, helping all stakeholders meet their objectives: DPO (privacy, GDPR-compliance), CFO (cost-efficiency), CIO (firm controls), Users and Business Owners (availability, connectivity, mobility, safe collaboration and selective sharing with access rights per user).

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  • James K. says:

    Very interesting reading.

  • Bob C. says:

    Very comprehensive. Good job!

  • Nora T. says:

    I’ve been always skeptical about free cloud storage, but I didn’t know exactly why. Now, after reading your blog, it is all crystal clear. We have to be very careful about our privacy, even with the most popular and respected companies.

  • Jeremy T. says:

    Great analysis. We need to wake up! Our privacy is violaated by those who are beyond suspicion.

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