Hybrid Speed
-ideal for a slow DSL connection
Combine the benefits of cloud and the high speed of in-premise! "Hybrid speed" is a smart gateway (SMTP Relay) that overcomes any upload delay caused by poor telecoms infrastructure (such as a plain DSL). Users will feel as if the email server was in premise. 300€ one time upon purchase, plus a monthly sur-charge of 10€ for maintenance, starting 12 months later. The surcharge will be added on the monthly subscription.

For example: a subscriber in PRO plan, pays 300€ one time today, for the purchase of HYBRID SPEED, whereas his monthly subscription will increase next year same day, from 80€ to 90€, because it will include a 10€ mainenane fee for Hybrid Speed.

Notice: deployment is rendered by your VAR and usually he will charge you an additonal amout per hour or per user.
Additional Users1 Mailbox, no additional disc storage1€ per user per month
1 Mailbox, 5GB Disk Storage2€ per user per month
Mail Restore ServiceAccidentally deleted mail can be restored completely for the previous 30 days, because we take daily backup of your total domain mailbox and we maintain it for 30 days.Single mail MESSAGE retrieval: 50€ one time. Minimum requirements for tracing:
• In case the message was erased from a user's inbox: username, sender, receiver, date and at least 3 letters from subject.
• In case it was erased from a shared folder, additional information is required: folder name and folder owner.
Single mail FOLDER retrieval: 80€ one time. Minimum requirements for tracing:
• In case it was in user's inbox: user name and folder name
• In case it was in shared folders: folder name and owner, in order to narrow down search.
Domain Setup and MigrationMailbox setup: email history, preserving your folders structure, contacts and calendards
(price per Mailbox for up to 25GB Domain migration size).
20€ per mailbox one time
Additional Migration Store SizeAdditional Migration Storage Size

• Domain migration size > 25GB
• Price per GB (above 25GB)
4€ per mailbox one time
E-mail marketing Create, send, manage mass email newsletters and email marketing campaigns, while you monitor the results. Multiple, yet very clean view of results, either in depth or aggregate, both real time and history.Depending on number of subscribers or number of emails per month:
Subscribers: 5.000 or
Emails per month: 100.000

180€ Semi-Annually
360€ Annually
Subscribers: 5.001 - 10.000 or
Emails per month: 200.000

300€ Semi-Annually
600€ Annually
Subscribers: 10.001 - 20.000 or
Emails per month: 300.000

600€ Semi-Annually
1.200€ Annually
IP PBX on CloudLow upfront costs, Low usage rates, One-bill for all your office locations, easy to use web based management portalPlease contact us. We will be happy to design for you a custom solution that best meets your needs, as detailed in your RFQ. Please contact us.