We are making use of SophiMail services since June 2014 and we have seen great value on our partnership, with excellent support and functionality. These guys deliver!

Mr. John Vavourakis, CEO at Creative Systems Engineering Ltd

From any device, from everywhere, your email feels like you are in your office. True Mobility - True Flexibility

Mr. Harry Fatseas, IT Manager at Dimiourgia S.A.

Email is critical for us. We moved all of our email history to Cloud, on our own dedicated Server. It runs without any problem until today. Migration was flawless.

Captain Ioannis Dendrinos, CEO at Marine Managers Ltd

Proven stability. Delivers all its promises. I recommend it to my clients.

Mr. P. Dimitrakopoulos, CEO at PCLABS

Dimiourgia S.A.
creative agency
Personnel: 18
Solution benefits: large attachments, mobility
Deployment: on cloud

Dimiourgia SA is a firm that designs creative solutions and invents ways of in-store promotional material (pop) for consumer products. Since its establishment in 1992, Dimiourgia SA has been recognized for the innovation, the flexibility and the communicative effectiveness of its pop constructions. Many large, well-known FMCG companies trusted their brands to Dimiourgia and are loyal clientele.


The “need for speed” and “true mobility” in collaboration is beyond questioning for a creative agency, where loads of heavy attachments, such as high res. pictures, artwork and proofs go back and forth all day, both internally, among the members of the Creative Dept., as well as externally, to 3rd parties and Clients, with pressing delivery deadlines, with colleagues being on the move etc.


Acknowledging the multiple benefits of cloud, Mr. Fatseas was determined to migrate on cloud. So, with the first opportunity, he quit the costly legacy mail server he maintained in house and adopted SophiMail on Cloud. Apart from the obvious cost savings, it was the unique comfort of mobility that impressed his users, as they could connect and stay sync over the web, from anywhere. Moreover, SophiMail Gateway solution proved to very useful, as it doubled the uploading speed. Now they all enjoy the benefits of cloud, in addition to the high speed of an in-house hybrid server.

Electronic engineering
Personnel: 23
Solution benefits: security
Deployment: on cloud

Creative Systems Engineering Ltd is a dynamic engineering firm, with more than 20 years’ personnel experience in project & engineering management, design and development of diverse products and provision of high-end engineering services, addressing the demanding industries of TELCO, DEFENCE, SPACE, and Automated Test Equipment.


Storage problems. Previous mail provider did not offer the storage initially agreed. Although the subscription was for unlimited mail quotas, the Client soon realized that his limit was at 2GB, which was not enough.


Migration to SophiMail took place over a weekend, including domain setup, history and contacts. Since then, the account is running flawlessly. In addition, productivity was boosted thanks to SophiMail’s useful collaboration tools: shared files, calendars, tasks and cloud-drive.

SophiMail on premise high availability for BON STUDIO

Sound systems
Personnel: 60
Solution benefits: high availability, security
Deployment: on premise

Bon Studio SA has over 35-years’ experience in professional sound, broadcasting, lighting, projection, conference & translation equipment and installations for Stadiums, Conference Centers, Hotels, Multiple-uses & Academic Amphitheaters, Theatres, Cinemas, Cruise-ships, as well as Radio and TV stations. It is a medium sized company employing 60 highly qualified people, in its HQ in Athens (a privately owned 7-storey building) and 2 branches.


Bon Studio replaced the previous linux email server with SophiMail in premise. Additional requirement was the implementation of complicated email routing rules along with server side email archive and vaulting.


SophiMail server was part of a large High Available solution based on Linux Enterprise Server and block level filesystem replication. The solution designed and implemented by our company. SophiMail, consumed as little as 1 CPU and 1,5 GB RAM in a HA infrastructure, leaving resources for other application such as ERP, CRM and DB/BI. The company made use of existing equipment.

SophiMail solution for Marine Managers LTD

Industry: Shipping
Personnel: < 25
Client Demands: heavy daily usage (> 5.000 emails per day) and data Privacy
Deployment: dedicated VM server on cloud



Previous proprietary on premise server required continuous maintenance efforts. Given that email communications are extremely critical for a marine company, the previous situation has become a stumbling block, apart from expensive.


A dedicated VM on cloud was the solution finally adopted.

  • Now, maintenance and updates are taken care of transparently, by SophiMail Experts, behind the scenes.
  • All users can access email from any device, desktop or mobile, anywhere and anytime, which is a great convenience.
  • Considerable cost reductions were achieved. And although cost reduction was not the company’s primary concern, it is always nice to cut off worthless spending.
SophiMail solution for Hellenice Gulf Oil Marine

Gulf Oil Marine
Industry: Maritime
Personnel: < 25
Client Demands: more storage
Deployment: on cloud

Hellenic Gulf Oil Marine branch, has a heavy legacy in Shipping (being shipowners & shipmanagers of owned vessels), with a total of over 100 years experience in the shipping industry and objective to provide full service, which will enhance customer’s fleets and their worldwide lubrication needs.


Previous cloud email provider had set very low storage limits. Due to this constrain, mailbox archiving was repeatedly and very often required.


SophiMail Advanced was an immediate relief to the IT Manager.

  • Generous storage of 250GB at a very competitive price.
  • Migration was smooth and fast.