We solve the most critical issues of business email, in a cost-efficient way, while setting you free from providers – including us!

SophiMail is a fully-featured, FOSS and GDPR-ready email that helps you maximize your:

SECURITY: adjust your security at the levels you want and control security breaches.

PRIVACY: only you have access and the exclusive control of your data.

PORTABILITY: stay independent from us and any cloud vendor, through your daily backup in a structured, commonly used and machine readable format.

COST EFFICIENCY: pay only for the resources you consume and eventual services you may need. No license fees, no training required.

Below we explain how SophiMail helps you meet your requirements according to the new EU GDPR, with sophisticated simplicity. Compare one-by-one the tools and techniques that SophiMail offers, against other email solutions and make your choice. And remember, you are free to switch email and cloud provider in a smooth and fast way, anytime you wish.

Auto Daily Backup

Every day you receive a safety backup of your email data, directly from your server to a location you indicate, for example a NAS on your premises or another trusted cloud. At the same time, your auto daily backup is ideal for Archiving και e-Discovery. For such purposes, you are recommended to use tamper-proof and non re-writable media, such as Blue-Ray Discs, for example.

Data Portability

Your auto daily backup is delivered server-side to you, in Maildir format, which is structured and interoperable, meaning that you can literally move to another hosting provider or email vendor any time you wish, in a structured and smooth way. It is a great relief to know that you are independent from any vendors.

Physical isolation for better insulation

Isolating on your private infrastructure, either on your premises or on cloud, allows you to enjoy many important privileges without necessarily increasing your costs: 1) you stay away from multi-tenant environments that usually become targets of brute-force- attacks; 2) you apply full encryption and all the security measures that meet your standards (also shown below); 3) you know where your data is hosted and where backed-up, thus which law protects them; and finally, 4) you have exclusive access to and control of your data. If you prefer to host on cloud, we suggest that you select an ISO-27001-certified datacenter, ensuring the highest security standards for you, through combined security policies & measures, such as: 24×7 safe access, bio-metric readers, motion sensors, CCTV surveillance and breach alerts.

You know where and who. You know where your data is primarily hosted and where backed-up; thus, you know which law protects them. All of your data is in one place, where you selected to host. Even if you select to host on cloud, there are no complicated back-to back contractual agreements and your data is not distributed and moved around different datacenters and locations.

Exclusive Access. Only you have access to your data. We even deliver the root passwords to you, as soon as we finish the initial installation. In case you need services such as maintenance and updates, you will be asked to allow only temporary access to the designated technical personnel as system user (not root!); you will disable such access immediately after the agreed work is complete. All kinds of services we render, as well as the software code, are transparent to you and reviewable.

Exclusive Control. You retain the absolute an exclusive control of your data, with easy tools, in a transparent way, without interference of third parties. SophiMail uses only open source software that you can check anytime.

Monitor & Alerts. SophiMail provides you with the necessary monitoring graphs and tools, so that you can monitor your server for suspicious activity. You also get alerts on your mobile or email, as soon as a server outage occurs. For enhanced safety, we recommend advanced SIEM services, delivered to you either by our experts or by Cyber Security Professionals of your preference.

Encryption, Firewall, Intrusion Prevention System (IPS). Only a robust encryption solution, one that is completely under your control, can ensure the protection of your business information assets and personal data. It is strongly advised that all of your email data are fully encrypted, both during storage as well as during transfer, with your own pass phrase and your private SSL Certificates, accordingly. We encourage you to select the SSL Certificates that best meet your own security standards, as strict as they may be. In addition, your server is efficiently protected behind firewalls. An excellent built-in Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) blocks the attacking IP to prevent data loss and notifies your IT team, while your Users continue to work in safety and without disruption.

Employee privacy

Selective Folder Sharing with access rights per User facilitates collaboration among Employees without compromising their right to privacy. They can share only what they want with whom they want in a professional manner. They avoid sharing the whole of their inbox, which may contain personal or classified company information. Tree-structured filing is very practical for filing and sharing. Personal Calendars and Contacts are kept separately from Corporate ones, respecting Employee privacy. Last but not least, each User has his own personal junk folder and manages his individual Spam preferences.

Additional privacy tools and rules. We enforce an effective password complexity policy, in order to make sure that your passwords will not be compromised by brute force attacks. More privacy tools and functions: you may apply 2-Factor-Authentication on web mail, digital signature and unique code verification.

Zero tolerance. There are no privacy settings, such as privacy “on-off” buttons, because their existence often generates human mistakes. Privacy settings rather increase a company’s exposure to risks, rather than doing good. It’s your “business” email, after all! With SophiMail you may rest assured that there will be no “privacy button” forgotten “activated” by a User somewhere in your company, setting “classified” or “personal” data at risk.

Cost efficiency

No license, no training required. Pay only for the resources you consume. Depending on the levels of security and availability you require, you may host your private server on your premises or on cloud (physical, VM or docker). For instance, hosting on a private cloud VM may start from 20€ per month for unlimited domains and users, assuming that you need 100GB storage. See more information here.

GDPR compliance

As a company, we are committed to comply with the new EU GDPR. We have started the journey, hiring a professional team of experts. It is redeeming so far, in many ways.

Evaluate SophiMail – download it now!

download buttonDownload the fully featured email server today, ready to play, even on your laptop. Evaluate it without time limit.

Technical Documentation here.

When you decide to use SophiMail as your company’s production email, you will indicate where you want us to build your servers: on your premises, on cloud or hybrid. SophiMail is ideal for hosting on a virtual machine (a virtual private server) or a docker, as it requires just 2 CPU core and 4 GB RAM for up to 120 Users! Regarding security, SophiMail adopts to your standards, as high as you deem necessary. Please, discuss with your trusted Cyber Security Professionals or with our experts to find the best fitting solution within your budget.

We support you

We offer all the technical support you will need to enjoy true peace of mind, without spending a fortune. See our menu-style services here.


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