Emai Uptime

CIOs, CFOs and DPOs now have a compelling option:

SophiMail HYBRID combines many TOP qualities, all of them critical for your business:

  1. Guaranteed UPTIME
  2. Data privacy
  3. Easy IT control
  4. Cost Efficiency at every stage: acquisition, maintenance and support
  5. Business Continuity
  6. IT Support as you want it!

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Guaranteed UPTIME

Achieve Zero Downtime, with dual-active servers, perfectly synchronizing all of your emails, calendars, contacts and tasks, on all of your devices around the globe!

Moreover, if you think that a cluster deployment on your premises would be very expensive, you may want to reconsider it. SophiMail is so lightweight, that it performs exceptionally well, even on less expensive IT equipment.

It syncs 100% with Active Directory, so you won’t have to throw away your existing IT systems. It is worth requesting a quote, in any case!

In addition, having solid expertise in hypervisor, we may help you to further improve the allocation of your existing IT resources, like un-used storage. Companies such as Google and Yahoo use the hypervisor at scale for their internal infrastructure; why not you? Contact us today and learn more!

Data Privacy

Isolate on your own dedicated VM, on a cloud you trust. There you can apply full encryption; including file-system storage encryption. Avoid multi-tenant environments. We can recommend for you some renowned Datacenters, so that you can select. We prefer the ones that are certified per ISO 27001:2013 for maximum data security.  This way, you will know exactly where your data is primarily hosted and where replicated (DC replication).

In case you wish, we could host your VM server on the ISO-certified Datacenters we cooperate with. It is a premium, fully managed service we offer on a subscription basis, for 190€ per month. We call it PRIVATE CLOUD (SaaS). More information here http://www.sophimail.com/pricing-cloud/

A more affordable, yet quite secure option, is your dedicated IP address, for 90€ per month. See “DEDICATED IP” here: http://www.sophimail.com/pricing-cloud/  . You will be hosted in a multi-tenant environment, yet on a high-quality and top-grade-security infrastructure, effectively narrowing down your risks. In addition, you will still apply your own SSL Certificates for end-to-end encryption. It is also nice to know, that you can migrate on your private VM anytime you wish, in the future, in an smooth and structured manner, at minimal cost.

Regarding encryption, we encourage you to select your own SSL Certificates, as strict as you wish, to meet your corporate standards.

Firm IT control

A powerful, role-based Admin Control, SophiMail Dashboard, allows centralized management of multiple locations and domains, from one single panel, ensuring policy-aligned governance of corporate messaging. Besides, SophiMail users can share and chat on a safe environment, especially if you deploy on private cloud. Users will not need to turn to shadow-IT practices, as they can share mailboxes, folders, calendars, tasks and contacts in a professional way, in a private environment, under your control. SophiMail is engineered with data privacy in mind: a transparent code -you can check  anytime for backdoors- and total absence of tricky “on-off” buttons for privacy settings.

Cost reduction

First of all, SophiMail requires no licenses, no training, no extra purchases! It comes fully equipped with effective Anti-Spam and IPS (Intrusion Prevention System), while it fits in your existing IT equipment, as it is 100% systems and platforms agnostic. It even syncs with MS Active Directory!

Users may continue using their favorite Email Client, name it AppleMail, Outlook, Thunderbird etc.

SophiMail is very light-weight and requires only 1 CPU core and 3 GB RAM for up to 150 users! It enables provisioning of brand new – but not necessarily expensive –  computing resources, both on cloud and on-premises.

Besides, SophiMail is so stable and easy to maintain, that it will release your IT manpower from tedious tasks, allowing them to focus on more productive projects.

In short:

SophiMail HYBRID email is easy to finance and maintain. It helps you deliver true value to your business, providing the highest levels of Availability, Data Privacy. Last but not least, SophiMail ensures your Business Continuity, an objective of increasing importance, inside an ever transforming world.

About SophiMail

SophiMail is a premium business email with a focus on what really matters for your business. SophiMail delivers solutions serving most complex challenges, beyond merely the User Experience, such as your Business Continuity, Agility, Cost-Efficiency and Productivity.

Business Email as it should be.

Unique features:

  • Daily Backup of your cloud Email data, on your premises (a NAS for example) or any other trusted location you indicate, in Maildir. Ensure your Data Portability and Business Continuity.
  • Private Cloud  made affordable. We host wherever you trust the most: enjoy the highest levels of Privacy and Security, at affordable prices.
  • True Hybrid made affordable. Maximize your UPTIME up to 100%. We deploy with expertise.
  • Log analytics through a role-based Dashboard, ideal for managing multiple locations and domains from one single panel. Visit Demo  or watch the Video

Learn more at sophimail.com


  • Edward Max says:

    Useful information, well-written. Thank you!

  • Peter N. says:

    Interesting. I’m about to replace the existing on premises proprietary, which is no longer supported (we have it since 2008). Can I use existing HW as the 1 node, on premise? This would be a great relief, as it will allow me to invest in high-quality cloud IaaS, to build the 2nd node, on cloud.

    • sophimail says:

      Dear Peter N., This is exactly the idea! Of course you can keep existing HW, because SophiMail:
      – is 100% systems agnostic and
      – is much lighter than the proprietary you need to replace. Modern code. File-system architecture. Low consumption of resources and power.
      – enables better resource management. Actually you can VIRTUALIZE your old physical server, in order to host multiple virtual machines, along with your new SophiMail email server – as VM.
      – syncs with Active Directory (in case you have) and works equally well with any Email Client.

      Should you need further assistance in selecting your cloud IaaS, for the 2nd node, please contact us: support@sophimail.com

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