NSA contributes 32 projects to open source

NSA’s GitHub account today contains 32 open source projects, written by the NSA developers and distributed across two accounts. Visit account: https://github.com/nationalsecurityagency

NSA’s account first appeared in 2015, when the agency contributed a tool called SIMP (System Integrity Management Platform).

Every time a talented developer offers his software to the public for enhancements, adaptations, or commercialization, it is great news for the society. Only this time, it’s amazing news, because it comes from a rather secretive agency, opening up to the public to share the cumulative work of the world’s most talented developers, who worked there. See full article here: https://fossbytes.com/nsa-github-account-open-sources-projects/

NSA open source software

Visit NSA’s new GitHub site: https://nationalsecurityagency.github.io/

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