Awesome features are free

All of the rich features listed below, are built-in SophiMail software. They are free, without license fees. Get the feeling with a trial.
Awesome UX
  • Selective folder sharing
  • Access rights per user
  • Personal junk folder
  • Sync with favorite UI
Built-in Security
  • Bayesian learning Anti-spam
  • Grey listing,  IPS
  • SPF/DKIM/DMARC-ready
  • Monitoring and alerts
100% Compatibility
  • Fits in existing IT systems
  • Syncs with Active Directory
  • Any agent: Outlook, AppleMail etc
  • Any device: desktop, mobile
Easy IT Control
  • Single-screen multi-server control
  • Role-based management
  • Transparent, reviewable code
  • Stable and light build

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(turn-key solution)

For busy IT and businessmen

We deploy your private email server. We deliver it ready to create email accounts!

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(self-service menu)

For experienced IT

You deploy using either Fresh VM image or Instant deployment via marketplaces.

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(for hosters)

For ISPs and hosters

The perfect way to become a successful email provider

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Combine with

one or more additional services, any time you need

Safety Backup - for Data Portability (GDPR Article 20)

Delivered server-side on a location you indicate, your daily Safety Backup in structured, machine-readable and compatible format ensures Data Portability, as required by the GDPR – Art.20. Additional Benefits: (i) Independence, as you have all you need to change provider, in a timely and orderly manner, (ii)  Archiving in tamper-proof media, such as Blue-Ray Disks and (iii) fast e-Discovery.

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Maintenance covers the dashboard (web admin) and includes: (i) regular updates, security and bug fixing and (ii) contingent security updates, when considered time-critical, such as for zero-day vulnerabilities.

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Select one or more services combined:
  • System Check up: we evaluate your system health and deliver to you a report covering (i) service security, (ii) service optimization, (iii) basic system security and (iv) the necessary system optimization.
  • Advanced technical support: we work on your behalf regarding your infrastructure, for example, to communicate with your hosting provider, plan an array expansion, resolve DNS issues, etc.
  • Help Desk: Business Hours email support (Mo-Fri 9:00-18:00 EET) provided by technical personnel. It may include 1st level support for End-Users (i.e. issues not affecting the whole company). A Ticket will eventually be opened in case it proves to be 2nd level support, for the purpose of follow up, but will not be charged, since you already paid for Help Desk.
  • Managed cloud email Experienced professionals will constantly monitor your server logs and take action in cases of resources-flat-out, server inactivity or other unusual activity, such as Spam activity or Security Breaches.
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