Advanced Services

Enjoy your private email server. We support you the way you want.
Select the services you need ad-hoc from the Advanced Services menu, or just subscribe to one of our Support Plans further below

Private Email Server Installation

We install your private email server on a location you trust: on cloud or on your premises, on a physical or a virtual server. We configure the following components: Email Engine, Calendars, Contacts, Webmail and Dashboard. We also grant you access to real-time Monitoring & Alerts, so that you can easily monitor any eventual outage of your machine. Select one of the following deployment methods: (i) Standard single node on your premises or on a Datacenter you indicate; (ii) High Availability (Cluster) with (2) nodes  in active-passive mode, either on your premises or on a datacenter you indicate.

Safety Backup - Data Portability

We set up and schedule a Safety Backup of your storage data, to be delivered server-side on a location you trust, in a structured, machine-readable and compatible format. This way, we ensure your Data Portability, as required by the GDPR – Art.20. Additional Benefits: (i) Independence, as you have all you need to switch provider, in a timely and orderly manner, (ii) Archiving in tamper-proof media, such as Blue-Ray Disks and (iii) fast e-Discovery.

More installation services

Upon request, we can build for you any of the following servers:

  • FILE server – for private file storage and sharing
  • CHAT server – for private IM and chat-rooms
  • CAMPAIGN server – for newsletter campaigns and email marketing
  • FAX to email server

Regular Maintenance and Updates

Regular Maintenance is critical for your system security and health. Covers both Email Server and Dashboard. We take care of everything, transparently behind the scene: (i) regular updates, security and bug fixing; (ii) contingent security updates that are time-critical, such as for zero-day vulnerabilities and (iii) the re-installation of the SSL Certificate on your email server upon renewal.


We provide email support 9:00 -18:00 EET Mo-Fri. This includes 1st level support, to resolve single end-user issues, i.e issues not affecting the whole company. In case it proves to be 2nd level support, we will open a Ticket (Service Request) for the purpose of follow-up and free of charge.

Submit a ticket

You may submit a service request through our ticketing system or by email to For your convenience, Tickets are offered in packages of 10 or 40. You may order more than once in a year.

System Check up

We evaluate your system health and deliver to you a report covering (i) service security, (ii) service optimization, (iii) basic system security and (iv) the necessary system optimization.

Advanced technical support

We work on your behalf regarding your infrastructure, for example: communicate with your hosting provider to plan an array expansion, resolve DNS issues, etc.

Root Cause Analysis

Usually, you will be able to deal with the most common issues on your own, thanks to the advanced features of your SophiMail Dashboard. However, for Severity-1 issues only, which impact the server’s availability and upon your request, we will work to provide formal root cause analysis. By nature, root cause analysis does not always result in a conclusive resolution. We shall make reasonable efforts to provide a response to the fullest extent possible.

Support Plans

Support Plans are designed for your comfort, offering support to your technical personnel on a subscription basis. Select the Plan that best fits your needs.

 TrialSilverGoldGold plusPlatinum












You will find step-by-step guidance at, for example: how to set up SophiMail on mobile devices.

Centralized AntiSpam management

Manage whitelists, blacklists, spam policy Global, per domain/user, easily, through a single panel.

Centralized SSL Certificates management

Create, update and manage all SSL Certificates for multiple servers/domains within the Dashboard. Extremely useful and practical for busy ISPs, co-locators and IT consultants, who handle many different mail servers built on SophiMail.

Real Time Monitoring & Alerts

We grant you access to real-time graphs and alerts, enabling you to monitor your server’s health. For example, you can monitor live the CPU and memory usage, storage allocation, network activity, mail-queue utilization, etc. and detect unusual activity. In case of server outage, you will receive push notification (Alerts) on your mobile plus email. Arrange the alert settings according to your preferences.

OSSEC integration

Gold and Built-in host-based intrusion detection system (HIDS) along with WAF security (for web components). Dashboard interacts with all HIDS host-based events, via Logstash-Elasticsearch.

Annual Checkup

We provide one annual System Checkup and tuning recommendations to Platinum Customers. System Checkup is also available to all Customers upon request, under the Advanced Services.

Advanced logging and Analytics, Throttling and Full MTA Server management

(Elasticsearch) Supports incoming/outgoing email monitoring and data mining (extensive queries) and custom reporting within Dashboard. Intuitive, easy-to-use interface for managing the MTA (postfix) server. Global, per-domain throttling based on number of max inbound/outbound messages per time unit.

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