Differentiate from competition. Indulge your Customers by giving the best:

Offer enterprise-class Email with top qualities

  • Shared Folders, Mailboxes, Calendars, Contacts and Tasks; Corporate & Personal separately!
  • Professional organization, ACL rights and Sieve rules for a clean and tidy inbox
  • No spam, no mail loss: email is always delivered to the recipient’s inbox
  • Sync with all: AppleMail, Outlook, Thunderbird, etc. on any device
  • No training, no licenses, no extras required! Platform and systems agnostic, SophiMail just …fits in

Be the one who solves the most critical problems:

  • Guarantee 100% Uptime! Host your Customers on your HYBRID EMAIL installation! Yes, this is possible: we can deploy dual active servers for you. Even if one server is down, your Customers’ email will be “on” through the other active server.
  • Offer the ultimate security of a Daily Backup Copy, delivered to your Customer, either on his premises (e.g. on a NAS), or on another trusted cloud he indicates. We’ll show you the way to do it!
  • Cost-efficiency. Challenge your Customers to compare prices!

Enter new markets. Attract more high-end Customers:

SophiMail offers unique high-end features that attract more demanding and sophisticated Customers.

  • For example: IMAP folder sharing and Sieve Rules are highly demanded by Maritime, Tourist and Advertising Agencies, as well as all companies having a departmental email structure.
  • Imagine how far you can go, if you combine these inherent qualities of SophiMail, on an advanced HYBRID installation we built for you, enabling you to guarantee 100% Email Uptime!

Offer additional services. Become the “preferred” Solution Provider:

  • Email Marketing Tool, for mass email delivery: help your Customer grow his business with Direct Email Campaigns, Newsletters etc. We’ll set up the server for you.
  • SMTP  RELAY: we can set it up, on your Customers premises, upon demand. It eliminates the delay Users experience, when they send large attachments. It is recommend for slow internet connection, such as a plain DSL.
  • FAX to Email: we’ll set up the server for you. FAX remains very critical for certain industries, such as Maritime. Moreover, FAX is considered by many as a secure medium, especially for payment orders.
  • All of the above are offered by us upon request, as additional solutions.

Manage all easily, through an advanced DASHBOARD

A powerful, role-based DASHBOARD takes workload off your shoulders:

  • Control multiple domains across the globe, on cloud or on premise, via one single screen!
  • Appoint sub-admins and delegate tasks, like log analysis
  • Quota thin provisioning per domain and much more at your fingertips!
  • Easy to read graphs, all developed for busy professionals!
  • Keep tight control, with a practical Monitoring & Alert Tool (sms notifications)

Watch the video:

5 Tips for becoming a successful Email Provider

  1. Allow your Customers control their Email on their own! For example, allow them to see their log history! This will make both of you happy. Your Customers will appreciate this freedom. And you will receive less urgent calls about minor  issues. SophiMail DASHBOARD facilitates this kind of delegations and decentralized management. Why not take advantage of them, to take some workload off your shoulders?
  2. Differentiate from competition: offer to your Customers “premium” features, like folder sharing with ACL structure and Sieve rules, which even the big Email Providers cannot offer today! SophiMail is a fully featured enterprise-class email.
  3. Attract more large Customers by offering 100% email UPTIME! Take advantage of our expertise in HYBRID installations: request us to built for you, your own dual active servers. This way, you can host even larger Customers, who demand a guaranteed 100% UPTIME!
  4. Rely on us for your email migration. We have the expertise required for smooth migration. Case study: GREEK GEEKS 160 email domains migration
  5. Ask for our help! It is expected and absolutely normal to feel less confident in the beginning. We stand by your side during your first steps: we offer 30 days free support to new members! Furthermore, we will be happy to discuss your specific IT support requirements, so as to offer a tailor-made Support Pack that meets your needs within your budget.

GREEK GEEKS selects SophiMail

Contact us today: sales@sophimail.com

or call directly (+357) 2200 8298,  (+30) 215 55 19 913  business hours


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