Cooperates with all webmail clientsSophiMail cooperates smoothly with rich desctop clients (Outlook, Thunderbird, Evolution ect), all mobile clients, as well as its own, fully-featured webmail client. It integrates all components for mail and collaboration: calendars, tasks, contacts.
Themes Gallery (skins)Choose the theme (skin) of your preference from the Themes Gallery, with easy preview pane.
Folder ManagerRename, remove, check the size and set permission for sharing of your folder structure easily. In case you have many custom folders, you may chose to show or hide them, by just clicking the top level “Folder” header.
Drag & DropUse 'Drag & Drop' to store your mail in custom folders and sub-folders and sort them easily, anytime. You may also 'drag & drop' attachments, to upload them to your email. Alternatively, use the “Attach a file” button to browse localy.
Compose a message (plain text or HTML)Add color & expression to your message: HTML editor supports various font sizes, colours, styles, images & bullets.
Quick-ComposeSelect a contact and click the "Compose" icon. The recipients will be added to the address fields of your email.
View selectionSelect either 2-pane view, to see folders list on the left side of the screen and messages list on the right, or 3-pane view, which adds a message preview pane, just below the messages list.
View Messages per pageSet how many messages you would like to display per page.
Message NavigationNext / Previous Message Navigation
Message SortingSort incoming messages by: From/To/CC/, subject, date and size.
Threaded viewYou can choose if you want to view relevant email discussions grouped into threaded messages.
Dynamic Access of your Address bookAccess your address book fast and easy, simply by clicking the “To”, “CC” or “BCC” and insert recipients.
Auto Complete for addressingStart typing the first letters of a name inside the “To”, “CC” or “BCC” pane and a choice of names will appear instantly, (starting with the initials you typed), for you to choose the one you want.
Return receipt for read messagesYou may request a “Return receipt” once a recipient opens your message.
SignatureCreate your own, personalised or a corporate email signature.
FlagsAdd / remove flags in order to prioritize or mark messages.
Save DraftsYour draft is autosaved every few seconds in the drafts folder. You may also save manually, by clicking “Save”.
Print EmailClick on the Print icon on the email view header.
Spam (mark/unmark) and Bayesian LearningSophimail's advanced spam filtering is balanced in order to prevent spam emails from reaching your inbox. However, in case you regard a message as Spam, you have the option to drag and drop it to junk. Spam messages are automaticaly reported as such to the antispam filter of your mail server, so that he "learns" through Bayesian mechanism.
View QuotaCheck the size of your inbox and how much space you have left.
Email Filters (Sieve)Extremely useful for easier viewing of your inbox. Auto-filters (Sieve) group specific emails in separated folders:
• Unread email
• Purchases (any email containing the words “purchase”, “invoice”, “payment” or “receipt”
• Friends (anyone in your personal address book and flagged as a favorite)
• Newsletters (any email that contains “list unsubscribe” in its text)
• Notifications (emails from eBay, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter)
• Flagged email or you can create custom filters in the settings panel to automatically move email that meets your specific criteria to a folder of your choice.
SearchSearch within folders, subfolders ect. for email:
• Regular Expressions Search
• Field Search (From, To, CC, BCC, Subject, entire message)
• Advanced Search (Relative Date, From, To, Subject, Body, Unread, Flagged, Boolean).
ExportExport email in .eml format
New Message NotificationNumber of unread messages
UTF8 SupportSupport UTF8 character set.
Multilingual supportTranslates the email interface into almost all languages.
Spell CheckIn almost all languages
Set NameSet the name of your preference for all outgoing messages.
Password ManagementChange your password.
Auto-reply (Out-of-Office)Set an auto-response for messages received.
Auto-forwardSet a forwarding address to automatically forward all received email.
Display email imagesToggle On/Off to select if you want to display images embedded in the emails you receive.
Delete Trash on logoutChoose whether to delete your trash when you logout of webmail (great for managing quotas!)
Automatically convert linksToggle On/Off to automatically convert plain-text URL links in email messages to be clickable.
Set your time zoneSet your preferred time zone from the Main Options Menu.
Date DisplaySelect how you wish the date to display: • DD/MM/YY, • MM/DD/YY or • Time since delivery.
EventsImport & export invitations from .ICS files to automatically add the event to your calendar.
Mobile UI JavascriptMobile UI for Webmail access on Smartphones and Tablets.
3rd Party Email ClientsConnect your third party email client to your SophiMail via IMAP. Use BYNARI plugin to synchronise your SophiMail contacts, calendars and tasks with MS Outlook.
IMAP idle (has replaced Active Sync)Automatic push of incoming messages.
Always Sync Address BookSophiMail helps you manage all your contacts and groups in your webmail, just as you would with a standard email client. You can add/delete contacts, or import existing contacts from other email clients (for example Outlook), as CSV files.
Import / ExpotImport and export contacts in .VCF (vCard) or .CSV format.
Add ContactAdd contacts to your address book using your choice of the available fields, including:
• First, Middle, Last Name, Profile Picture • Multiple Phone Options: Home, Work, Mobile, Fax • Multiple Email Addresses • Multiple Addresses (Home, Work) • Company / Title / Dpt • Name of the persons in related hierarchy (Manager, Assistant) • URL • Notes • Date of Birth • Gender • Anniversary
Groups and Distribution ListsEasily add custom groups to your address book, in addition to the Personal and Global Address List (including LDAP support) and Shared Contact Groups that SophiMail comes packaged with. You can move or copy contacts between groups and you can share individual contacts with others.
SearchSearch for name, number or email address.
3rd Party ClientsSynchronise with your computer or device using CardDAV or with MS Outlook using the BYNARI plugin.
IMAP Folder Sharing with ACL StructureShare ONLY the folders you want, with the Users you want, in a structured, fast and easy way.
Define access rights per User: you decide who can read only, and who can also write, delete, etc.
This is more professional than sharing the whole of your inbox!
IMAP folder sharing also helps you control your quota.
It's easy to manage, via your webmail Client, using a complete access list structure (ACL).
Schedule meetings & send InvitationsLike Outlook, SophiMail Web-mail Caldendar allows you to setup & send meeting invitations. Your invitees will receive an invitation in their inbox. They have the option to deny your invitation, suggest another time that suits them better, or accept, in which case the meeting/event is automatically added in to their calendar. You may also attach comments, the agenda of the meeting, documets for the invitees' prior review, so that they get prepared for the meeting, etc.
Share Calendar / PermissionsAllow certain people/colleagues to see your calendar. They cannot change it, only see when you are free for a meeting. You can also set the sharing permissions for your own mailbox resources.
Find a "free time slot" in mulitple shared calendarsWhen you try to schedule a meeting with multiple attendess, it can be difficult to find a time that works for everyone. SophiMail server presents to you an overview of the free/busy status of all the attendees, so that you find a time slot when everyone is free, avoiding the tedius and time-consuming process (for everyone!) of sending out the invitations, waiting for responses/availabilities, suggesting alternative times, and rescheduling repeatedly.
Add - Remove EventsClick within the calendar to add an event or accept an event from the .ics file attached to email received. Specify:
• Event Title • Date & Time (including “All Day”) • Time zone • Location • Participants • Send Invitations • Description • Category / Subcategory • Define your availability (Busy, Out of Office etc.) • Calendar event appears in all calendars connected (Personal, Custom, Shared calendar ) • Event Reminder: Minutes, Hours, Days or Specific Date before • Repeat Options: None, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Annually, End Repeat Date, Interval (Weekly)
Drag & Drop EventsEasily reschedule your events with drag & drop. You will be automatically asked, if you wish to notify your invitees by email, about the change you made.
Multiple ViewsView your calendar by Day, Week, or Month.
Shared Calendars viewSophiMail supports multiple calendars and overlay, for simultaneous viewing (side-by-side) of shared calendars.
Calendar week start daySelect which day you would like your calendar week to start on.
Multiple ColoursChange the color of your calendar, to easily identify in your schedule, what calendar events belong to.
SyncYour meetings are synchronized automatically wherever you are, thanks to powerful synchronization technologies, such as the MAPI Connector for Outlook, CalDAV and SyncML for mobile devices (eg. iPhones, iPads, Androids and PDA's).
3rd Party ClientsSynchronise with your computer or device using CalDAV or with MS Outlook using the BYNARI plugin.
Task ManagerSupports one or mulitple personal and/or shared task lists. Create tasks and organise them per priority. Track each task by inputting start and due dates. You can easily update status and monitor percentage of completion of tasks.
3rd Party Clients Add / Remove TasksSet priorities and manage projects easily. Specify:
• Task Name
• Location
• Priority (1 - 10)
• Status (Not Specified, Needs Action, In Process, Completed on)
• Percent Complete (set in %)
• Timezone
• Start Date / Time
• Due Date / Time
• Notes